Bridging real and virtual worlds.

We Are

Translating digital into human realms for an extra social world

We cover four major topics for securing users, communities and businesses on their digital travel.


Names managed by their owners like you. | Marketing and public names for business and brands, for VIPs, events, places, assets and things. | Privacy in your hands. | Powered by Xtr.Name


Homy as homes for internet and metaverse, as online home addresses working also offline. Usable as your exclusive all inclusive gateway to get found and to say: "Hallo world!"


Portals cover our online lives on 8+ channels. Search and find: Social | Life | Health | Events | Technology | Finance | Business | GeoLocal


Connecting people and services: Xtr provides international brand neutral one-stop shop platforms with 40% greater reach for social and machine communications.

Identity & IDing

Names for life, marketing and business.

A few examples out of 1000s finding your own identity, names for marketing, on/offline addresses.


Events | Travel | Transport

Usecases extra for transport, travel and aviation: Easy.New.Flights | Nasa.New.Flights | Dubai.New.Flights | Netjet.New.Flights


Social | Luxury

Usecases extra for families, brands, marketing: Nivea.Luxe.Baby | Rosi.Luxe.Baby | Prada.Luxe.Baby


Homes | Social

Usecases extra for realestate, agencies, brokers, immo platforms: London.Singles.Condos | Remax.Singles.Condos | Students.Singles.Condos


Tech | Transport | Marketing

Usecases: Greet all vehicles. Great for a new car magazine, EV news blog. That simple to the point nobody can misunderstand.


Brand | VIP | Fashion

Usecases for showing extra style: Tomy-Cruise.Shows.Style/as007 | Paris.Shows.Style | Audi.Shows.Style | Hongkong.Shows.Style


City | Property | Luxury

Usecases for extra luxury houses and property: Tokyo.Metro.Villas | Pemax.Metro.Villas | Rent.Metro.Villas


Branding | Urlaub

Usecases: Urloub is an extremely brandable .com name, known by roughly 100 M Germany speaking people, expressing holiday and vacations.


Branding | Global

Usecases for this ultra short brandable name: m1.world/motor | BMW.m1.world | m1.world/movies | m1.world/media


Food | Logistics | Business

Usecases for extreme SEO perfect food delivery: Pizza.Eatdrink.Delivery | Singapore.Eatdrink.Delivery | Uber.Eatdrink.Delivery | Wine.Eatdrink.Delivery


Events | Social | Experts

Usecases for awesome experiences with leaders: Crypto.Influencer.Events | Paris.Influencer.Events | Live.Influencer.Events | Games.Influencer.Events


Own digital spaces for the real world.

We provide digital homes extra for your online lifestyle, for events, places, services and things.

homy02 extra @soxtr

Digital Homes

Similar to home addresses users can order digital home addresses. Unlike to postal addresses users can choose and create names they like. Now you can start feeling homy.

Made for anyone and anything anywhere, inclusive things, places events.

You are the Event

Hello world: It´s 100% you! Online active phrases including SEO perfect keywords with your click-ready 3-7-word story.

Made for creators, influencers, bloggers, vloggers and VIPs, events, NFTs.

homy02 @soxtr

Unique Places

Show on/offline where you live: Digital homes for the real world are 100% unique. Get found easily and provide the perfect way to connect with you.

Ready for artists, story tellers, hosts, organisations and communities.

Personal Platform

Your name first! 100% personalised – 100% authentic – 100% loud. Audiences can´t miss you any more with this public SEO unique ID. Publishing and broadcasting channels at one place.

Under one umbrella now: Medium, Snapchat, Triller, Instagram, Pinterest,....

homy03 @soxtr

Ultra Personal Gateway

Find – See – Connect: The power way to get found, be seen and to connect in a single step. Your own all-inclusive home for social media, contact details and communication.

One roof for your: Twitter, Messenger, Line, WeChat, Whatsapp, LinkedIN, ...

homy06 @soxtr

Extra Safer Rooms

Owned by you, managed by you. The built in security allows full control and true privacy of your web and metaverse presence.

Made for singles, families, students, shoppers and digital natives.

Find your way

Experience smarter, faster and more applicable search results while surfing the web and get the best out of the metaverse.


Extra social with these sub categories: Baby | Kids | Students | Family | Singles | Seniors | Partners | Men & Women | Teams & Staff | Meet & Chat ..


Supporting our daily lives under these categories: Art | Beauty & Style | Eat & Drink | Education & Knowledge | Games & Entertainment | Home | Luxury | Outdoors | Pets | Privacy | Work & Careers


Shaping body and mind in the best possible way through: Clinics & Hospitals | Dental | Doctors & Coaches | Healthcare | Organic & Bio | Skin & Hair | Wellness & Fitness


Living great moments and awesome experiences: Adventures | Care & Help | Entertainment & Media | Games | Holidays | Live-News | Parties | Sports | Travel | Weddings


Supplying people for our daily lives: Appss & Software | Catering & Cooking | Digital & Media | Energy | Equipment & Supply | Internet & Metaverse | Logistics & Transport | Networks & Connectivity | Production | Security | Systems & Tools |


Trading locally and worldwide: Accounting | Broker & Agents | Capital & Funding | Discounts & Bargains | Exchange & Forex | Gold & Metals | Insurance & Risk | Rent & Lease | Markets | Money & Cash | Shopping | Tax & Fees


Supplying others with great solutions and helper for life: Agencies & Consulting | Coaches & Creators | Companies & Cooperations | Delivery & Transport | Legals & Accounting | Marketing & Markets | Property & Immo | Shops & Sales | Supply & Support |

Zones & Places

Finding places of action, homes and .. : Africa & Asia | Apartements & Conodos | Bars & Restaurants | Cities & Centers | Glocal Regions | Land & Countries | Homes & Houses | International & Global | Gardens & Farms | Markets | Properties & Domains | Schools & Universities | Stores & Shops

We Connect

Own the entire value stream: User ready, sales ready and provider ready.

People and services connected as one-stop shop application with 40% greater reach for translating digital into human realms for a social world.


Talk to your audiences: End user solutions from mobile to desktop apps, from SIM solutions to connected devices.


Host and bill like the big players, from a single source, shared, dedicated and ultra exclusive for maximum security.

New Communication

Everything digital with legendary one-comfort: Apps + Platform + Connectivity, incl. customer self service and automated CRM.