Bridging real  ⚮ virtual worlds


Translate digital into human realms for an all social world

We cover users, communities and businesses on their digital journey.

Earning Ecosystems

Generating income : Our Assets Operations System (AOS) manufactures digital assets and controls their value streams throughout its entire life cycles.

Digital Assets

As value originator we create identity, virtual property, new communications, marketing tools and more for human and business needs alike.


Name everyone and anything : By generating unique online active names, addresses and homes for people, events and things we set new standards to influence virtual worlds and beyond.


We help people and services for getting clearly found, to ease communications and for being loudly visible with maximum social reach.


Virtual ownership : Similar to the realestate industry we provide land, homes and virtual property, plus comprehensive control tools for users, clients and partners.


Protected data and privacy : As value chain originator we control data streams, software applications and the physical infrastructure to deliver maximum safety for users and digital values.

Winning Digital Ecosystems

Create value streams for users and business partners.

All building blocks in one to manufacture, deliver, control and monetize digital products.

Just sell!

We´ll handle the rest. You have audiences and access to crowds? Our AOS is a comprehensive one-stop shop application for service providers.


Our applications deliver services to all phones, online devices and POS with up to 40% greater reach.


Upvalue your existing products or start fresh. Earn from 50+ billable items per asset and multiple permanent income streams per customer with more than 50% profit sharing.


Products get automatically manufactured once the customer has paid. | Users get guided self-service accounts. | Admins control via dashboard style accounts. | The proactive CRM module handles users 24/7.

Your Brand

Xtr makes partners and brands greater. You just want to sell? Become a Serviced Partner. You wish to integrate the Xtr portfolio? Go for the Platform Partner model.


Unified for users and partners: The products, services and the automated customer management create a comprehensive easying service world under your roof.

Value Platforms

Our Assets Operations System are severs at accredited co-locations and the softwares with 100% ownership. | Each new asset starts an exclusive value stream, controlled by the AOS during its life cycle.


Reach 98% of the world population, unlimited events, places and events. Our products and services are brand neutral but brandable, cross-platform applicable, work on all phones and online devices.

Outstanding Margins

As value stream owner you decide your income strategies and margins. | A single asset can be multiplied hundreds of times with dozens of billable items on a one/multiple/life-time basis.

Earning Assets

Value starter for people, marketing and brands

The toolset that makes digital a profit center even for non-digital enterprises.

Digital Identity @soxtr

Digital Identity

Empower users and clients to create and manage their own digital identities. As provider you directly benefit from each new asset.

Alos applies to identities for pets, things, events, places, literally anything.

Virtual Property

Xtr creates and trades online estates, virtual land, how ever you call it. | Partners gain the same ability under their own brand. | Owners gain lucrative options to monetize their properties.

Homy auto-creates digital homes to make properties even more valuable.

Virtual Property
Digital Homes @soxtr

Digital Homes

Similar to home addresses users can get digital home addresses too. Unlike to postal addresses users can choose and create any online address they like. Now everyone online can feel homy.

The optional Name Page makes is easy having the own web site.

Brand Authority

Extend reach and claim your territory with extra social marketing tools, contextual 3-12 words online stories that work offline too, branded keywords and ultra personal = viral moments.

The Brand Pac is always sharpened and extended.

Brand Authority
Personal Branding @soxtr

Personal Branding

The exclusive unique name plus Name Page perfectly express who someone is and does in a single online active phrase. | The VIP|VIA Pac generates income for the famous.

Perfect for influencers, celebs, VIPs, creators, experts, art, hosts, ...

Marketing Tools

Turn marketing into profit centers with direct income. | Search engines love Talking Names. | Get neuro-active decision helpers. | Sticky loyalty booster help for long term relations to audiences.

Not to forget the five ad channels for reaching 98% of the worlds population.

Marketing Tools
Exclusive Assets @soxtr

Exclusivity aaS

High value assets are 100% unique, exclusive and tradable. With Public Names we cover influential personalities, art, NFT´s and culture with greater reach and monetizing opportunities.

VIP|VIA provides high value assets with extra high income opportunities.

Trading Assets

Digital assets owners and providers can directly trade and auction them to generate additional income. | Agents win up to 15% from each deal they brought in.

All about trading at Xtr markets

Trading Assets
Connect anything @soxtr

Connect Anything

We provide a communications module for people and things. It powers social and IoT connectivity via mobile networks and the internet. It works as stand alone application or can be integrated into any exsiting platform.

All details about the Connect Pac Conect.One.


Five advertisement channels for reaching 98% of the world population with a single move: Ultra personal | Beyond the internet | Interactive | Affordable.

The Ad Pac and Marketing Names are delivered by Xtr.Name

ad5 img
Serviced Platforms

Serviced Platforms

No time for digital?! Good decision. Xtr provides platforms for non techies. Processes are automated, provide self-service, some are AIed. It all comes with a slim UI but a great UX.

Security & Privacy

No digital without protection. Xtr provides several safety levels: Secured locations for the physical infrastructure | Additional safety on phones and POS | Smart privacy tools | Additional encryption as an option and more.

More on the Security Pac

security img

Identity & Naming

Tools to clearly allocate and secure people, services and assets.

Identity in a social and business environment in the most pragmatic way possible.

Smart Identity

Iding consumers, products, events, media, processes we cover with Smart Identities. They are Programmable | Disposable | Decentralized | Locatable and with up to 40% greater reach beyond the internet. More features: Event based links  |  Flexible control rights  |  Privacy protection  |  Encrypted OTA access  |  Scheduled applications and content  |  Real time authentification or verification. And more.

Xtr.Name provides the latest information.

Things Identity

Online accessible events, locations, services, hardware, applications, simply anything one likes to make accessible. With and without native connectivity.

Identity Wall

Similar to fire or paywalls Xtr provides a complete set of identity providing services that deep protect privacy and sensible information.

Personal Identity

Similar to given identities starting with a name, Xtr goes extra and provides personal identities with 100% unique names for everyone. We empower users to be creators of their own digital identity.

The Identity Pac is available at Xtr.Name.

Connect & Access

Provide findability, sharing closeness and influence

Digital tools for the many levels of social communications.

Connect engine

Connect Engine

A communications plugin for platforms and platform providers. It provides full fledged chat, VoIP and mobile calls to reach any phone worldwide.

Telcos, ISPs, VoIP and MvNO services find more info at Conect.

Be found - Connect - Be Loud

Toolset for online citizens: ➀ Precise online localization through unique identities and names. ➁ SEO tools loved by searching people and engines. ➂ Connect Pac for receiving and making calls everywhere. ➃ The VIP|VIA Pac makes money.

Talking Names provide perfect precision online names.

Be found img
Online Events @soxtr

Influencing Events

Provide connecting and uplifting experiences for smaller and larger groups. Talking Names owners are eligible to invite the world to online experiences. Hosts decide whether an event is free or paid. If paid, up to 15% are your profit share.

All about the Connect Pac.

Earn like a telecom

Empower users to call phones and phone numbers in 193+ countries. Each call and text message starts without costs*. | The VIP|VIA service provides luxurious income for you and your customers.

You earn from call minutes, SMS texts, vanity numbers and more: Conect.

earn img
United Social Media @soxtr

United Social Media

All social media accounts under the users roof. United and neatly ordered on the users Name Page. Empower users for being clearly found and for getting louder on all channels.

Best practice to deal the many SM accounts most poeple have.

Connect Page

A digital name card based on the users name from Xtr, like tomy-cruise.shows.style. It shows everything one want to share with just the users name, inclusive all SM channels, email address, phone number, etc.

Everybody should have one. Xtr.Name has all the info.

Connect Page
Unlimit creativity

Unlimit Creativity

Users create their very own online identities to get even louder and more accessible. Broadcast channels, video meetings and more nearly unlimit the ways people can present themselves.

The VIP|VIA Pac adds income streams for users and you.

Private Rooms

Getting personal and intimate while meeting online. Provide privacy and protect personal data with Xtr´s included security options. Works for 1:1 encounters, families, groups and conference style meetings.

The apps provide chat, video conferencing and more options to get closer.

Private Rooms
sticky brands @soxtr

Sticky Brands

Loyalty boosters and agile involvement tools for brands and famous products. The Brand Pac is truly personal and helps to long-term involve audiences.

All details about the Brand Pac.

Influencing Experts

Greatness need stages. Paid stages. The VIP|VIA Pac gives exactly that: a) Perfect Names plus Name Pages b) Paid access to personal, group and conference meetings. | The same goes for art, valuable assets, famous places and events.

More VIP|VIA Pac

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Next Step

Business tools to create and control value streams.

You want to sell the Xtr portfolio? You want the AOS under your brand? You want to check out and purchase for yourself?


Get digital platforms inclusive connectivity. Or sell them.


Provide digital assets, identity, property, tools for people, marketing and brands.

Xtr Markets

Xtr products for everyone and to check us out.

* Info *Free calls require an internet connection, which may cause costs if the user doesn´t have a mobile plan with .

Xtr translates digital into human realms for an all social world. Therefore Xtr makes digital social for the real world.

More information on


What you can do with the Xtr portfolio: Start-up with the Xtr products. ◻ Substencially upvalue existing services and products with complementary paid services. ◻ Marketing departments become a profit center. ◻ Provide Xtr Names under your brand. ◻


The new gold standard in communicatons provides: ◻ Communicative names as online identities. ◻ Online homes based on this name, ultra findable for humans and search engines. ◻ Communication apps for Android phones and iPhones for telecommuniation in 193+ countries. The ultimate beauty: Users get all services come from a single source and they can control everything with just one application on their phone / or online. ◻ More soon ..
More topics Xtr is covering for consumers: Descriptive domains | SEO impact | Memorable internet addresses | Vanity domains and numbers |

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You can make Xtr great and still earn the main share. With our unique Assets Operations System we are ahead of the time, again. The digital landscape is extremely fragmented, therefore large scale systems that cover all technical requirements are rare ore cause an unnecessary dependency to certain providers and brands. This compromise is not necessary.


You have ideas, services to make the Xtr portfolio even greater? Let´s talk.